Gold Music Icons

Gold Music Icons

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This is a set of gold nail decals on clear backing featuring music icons: Tupac, Bob Marley, Kurt Kobain, Prince, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Biggie Smalls, Elvis Presley and Morrissey. There's a total of 18 individual decals in this set. (Better photos to come) 

Cha Cha Covers Gold and Metallic nail decals work just like regular water slide decals. To apply:

1. Cut out decals, cutting out as close to the design

2. Apply clear top coat which will serve as adhesive

3. Dip decal in water for 5 seconds and slide the decal off the backing paper.

4. Apply decal to nail decal (ensure that top coat is still fresh and tacky so that it will stick) Slide into place and smooth down

5. Apply top coat to seal 

Cha Cha Covers are durable and versatile! They will not dry or warp! All gold decals are treated by hand so slight differences may exist from set to set. 

Feel free to email with any questions you may have!