El Sol microfiber silk cloth

Cha Cha Covers


Keep your lenses and cell phone screens clean with this adorable microfiber “El Sol” silk cloth, it measure 6 x 6 inches is compact and come with a plastic sleeve you can easily stow away in your purse. This is a super cute functional item everyone needs and a cute gift!

Construction: this  6" x 6" Microfiber Silk clots is designed to effortlessly remove finger prints, skin oil, dust and other particles from all smooth surfaces! They're not actually silk, of course, but have a silk like texture. Each cloth features hundreds of thousands of tiny microfibers which will lift and remove contaminants.

Uses: These are designed to clean eye glasses and electronics. Stop risking scratching your expensive lenses and electronics by not having the right cloth handy. These are so inexpensive, can you really afford not to have a bunch of them so you'll always have on at the ready? Keep one in your pocket, one in the glove box, a few in the junk drawer, one in your glasses case. They're so compact, there's really no reason not to always have them available.

Method: Depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned, you might want to use the cloth to gently brush away contaminants. Then, taking the cloth in your fingers, wipe away any remaining contaminants until a clean, clear surface is left.

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