Welcome Baby Lourdes

Welcome Baby Lourdes

 My mom made this Guadalupe blanket for my daughter Fatimah when she was a baby- it's one of the few things I saved from her days as a baby that I can use for baby Lourdes- who was born exactly 9 years later- my mom makes the best blankets and burp cloths I've ever used, if you ever wondered where I get my craftiness from, it's from my mother and my grandmother who keep their hands busy making beautiful things.   I'm so excited to welcome our new baby, who arrived just in time to crash her sister's birthday on July 10th....

We All Grow Summit Reflections

Ana Guajardo

I've had a whirlwind couple of months with so many events and creative blessings! One experience I definitely enjoyed was attending the We All Grow Summit in Long Beach, CA. As much as I want to keep this all to myself for fear of this annual gathering growing too large or expensive, I feel it my duty to share a good thing when I see it. This is an event that truly inspires a social media creative to step up her game! The panels are informative and instructive, I learned so much from blog design to working with brands to make my passion...

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