We All Grow Summit Reflections

I've had a whirlwind couple of months with so many events and creative blessings! One experience I definitely enjoyed was attending the We All Grow Summit in Long Beach, CA. As much as I want to keep this all to myself for fear of this annual gathering growing too large or expensive, I feel it my duty to share a good thing when I see it. This is an event that truly inspires a social media creative to step up her game! The panels are informative and instructive, I learned so much from blog design to working with brands to make my passion for social media a sustainable means of income. Brands are also present with lead representatives available to connect with and establish real life relationships that can translate into future business opportunities. 

 And did I mention the glamorous pampering and swag appeal? This year the conference featured "suites" sponsored by Aveeno, Dove, Mazda, Neutrogena, OPI, among others. These gorgeous pop up environments offer the opportunity for influencers to connect with these brands as well as pampering stations where you can get your hair and make up did, nails polished and more! 

Of course you don't leave empty handed ,each suite loaded us up with amazing swag, from make up to face care products to smoothies and more! 

The free stuff and pampering alone is exciting to me, as a self employed business owner, mom and art curator who rarely finds time for self-care, it was amazing to have my hair blown out, my face contoured, nails manicured and body nourished with pineapple, mint, berry, canyenne pepper smoothies, not my typical weekend! But more that that is the concept being uplifted through pampering, workshops that help expand our vision as content creators, and listening to the testimonies of other women who have accomplished what may have seen impossible all through leaps of faith and pure passion for what they do. It is truly  "We all Grow," a convening of inspiring women sharing tools, stories and enegy to help each other make their dreams possible. I'll definitely be attending next year!